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moderari's Journal

A Forum for the Orpheum Communities
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Anybody , Moderated
A Mod and Community Member Forum for BdsmPhilosophy, Consensualslave,The Kennel and ViewsFromTheTop
Hello this community is for the moderators of



The Kennel


And for members of these communities to post questions about the community.

Membership is not required for Community Members;in fact due to the inability to "filter" posts to a select grouping, Community Members will not be approved if a request to join Moderari is made. This is not to be elitist in anyway, but is intended to protect Members whose conduct may come into question. No one wants thier diry laundry aired for the world to see. It is suggested that Community Members enable a "watch" on the community. All Mods, however, must join to have access to Mod only issues and questions.

Ways To Use This Forum:


●Share techniques.

●Inform other Mods of troublesome members or posts.

●Rule Clarification.

●Suggest handling of a situation.

●Suggest Rules

●Suggest Formatting

●Suggest Topics


●Ask about posting

●Suggest rules

●Voice concerns about harassment, flaming.

●Suggest Topics

Mods and Members are not limited to these suggestions. However, keep in mind that this forum is not intended for a snark fest or a battleground for flame wars. Please use this forum appropriately with regard for making the communities better.

When Posting:

1. Refer to the community in question.
2. Reference the date and title of the post.
(Include a link if you are able.)
3. Refrain from personal attacks. Just state the facts.
4. Use only LJ profile names.

That's all for now. The Maintainer retains the right to change or add rules at any time.

Thank you,